Social Media Marketing

Twitter’s Timeline is Becoming More Algorithm-Influenced – Here’s How It Can Benefit Brands


Twitter has changed the way tweets are displayed on a user’s timeline. You will see much more tweets and relevant tweets now compared to its earlier avatar. By virtue of more tweets and thereby more user engagement, its revenue and earnings have increased by 14% and 12% in the first two-quarters of 2017.

Using Social Media Ad Space for Promoting Brand Loyalty


There are an estimated 2.34 billion people worldwide who use social media platforms every day and rely on such platforms to be informed about the latest happenings of their favourite brands. Not to mention, the consumers use the platforms to connect and share with the friends about all the things they like and enjoy. With such a huge avenue of marketing on social, it is high time for the brands to pull up their socks and use the social media platform to its fullest potential and garner loyalty among both their existing and prospective customers.