Social Media Marketing

The indisputable power of video content on social media


Over a past few years, social media has gained immense popularity all over the world. It has become a lucrative channel for businesses to target. Out of the many modes and means of interacting with social media users, video perhaps has the biggest influence on a social media user’s life. Here’s a look at how video can be utilised perfectly for marketing on social media.

New Analytics On Snapchat For Better Audience Insight


Snapchat is trying to re-establish the platform’s position among the advertisers and influencers. This is the reason why the social media platform is creating new tools.
Now, there is a new analytics update available for the Snapchat influencers. The insights provided by the analytics should help content creators with their approach towards Snapchat.

Instagram Upgrades Its Features with an option to Share Other People’s Stories & More


For quite a while, there has been a competition to be the top social media app among the major players. Instagram looks forward to acquiring that top position. For strengthening its impact profoundly among social media fanatics, the Facebook-owned app has added some new features to its directory, including a feature to share other people’s Stories posts.