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Internet of Things and Blockchain – The Intersection of Success


The Internet Of Things aka IoT has been advancing at a quick pace in the recent years. IoT utilises the millions of objects connected over the net, and facilitates information passing and evolves over time, learning each and every second. Blockchain, on the other hand, makes it possible to record each and everything that has been communicated between objects, at that instant, and make the information available to everyone present in the Blockchain network.

Secrets Of Successfully Using AI In Your Ad Agency


Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more valuable in all industries. The search marketing and advertising can obtain incredible opportunities to act upon. Especially in PPC, the agencies can redefine their work and success with machine learning and AI. Here are all the secrets that can help ad agencies in successfully leveraging AI.

Email Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2018


Emails continue to be a vital marketing channel. Hence it is pertinent to review your strategy for email marketing going into 2018. This will help you get more returns per dollar spent and make 2018 a good year for your marketing tactics. Here are some new and some ‘already in place’ email marketing strategies to focus on in 2018.