Fred Ranking Right?

The impact of Fred update on sites with poor quality content is a notable change.

‘Google it’ is even better than ‘sliced bread’ in today’s digital world. But that only means that Google as a search engine and an optimization activator keeps updating itself to make its search even more accurate for users across the board. But sometimes, some updates don’t really make it to the Hall of Fame lists.

Recently, the Google Fred update hit the internet content world and took it by storm. But after reviewing nearly 300 domains, Sistrix, an SEO toolset data collection company have called the sites that were found as ‘outdated’ with thin and scraped content. This basically means that content sites of low value were hit by this update.

Around 300 website domains on Google Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States lost Google Search results visibility after March 13, 2017. A Sistrix representative mentioned that most of them, especially the banner ads and Adsense campaigns were advertisement oriented. The content quality was extremely poor and had zero value add for its readers.

The Sistrix representative also shared examples of specific sites. Some of them lost between 50 to 90 percent visibility on Google Search Pages. Incidentally, Google webmasters had also reported that Google traffic had dropped after this particular update.

Check out this ranking distribution from freeware files prior to Fred update-

Source : Search Engine Land

After the Fred update, ranking distribution on Google:

Source : Search Engine Land

Freewarefiles(dot)com was one such example, which was hit by the Fred update. From being a leader on Page 2 of a google Search link, its intensity reached Page 10 after the update.

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