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How to use Live Videos for better engagement?


These days, video is emerging as a great content creation tool that improves the stickiness of your brand’s marketing messages. Under video production, the concept of doing live video by the co-founder or the company’s owner is emerging as a favourable trend to interact better with your target audience in a more streamlined fashion.

A Look at Instagram’s Re-designed Call to Action Bar


Instagram had added the CTA bar which ran through the entire length of the photo’s bottom area. This was done mostly to assuage the advertisers’ fear that more people were not aware of the CTA button option. Some days back, Instagram has introduced a small change to its call to action bar. Read on to find out what’s changed.

How To Measure Dark Social Data For Better Marketing Efficacy?


Dark social is the mode of communicating (mostly one to one, or one to many) using instant messages or other private channels of communication. With its jump in usage, marketers are increasingly seeking interest into the realms of dark social and how it can be utilised to gain richer insights into customers’ pain points or their buying behaviour.

Using Social Media Ad Space for Promoting Brand Loyalty


There are an estimated 2.34 billion people worldwide who use social media platforms every day and rely on such platforms to be informed about the latest happenings of their favourite brands. Not to mention, the consumers use the platforms to connect and share with the friends about all the things they like and enjoy. With such a huge avenue of marketing on social, it is high time for the brands to pull up their socks and use the social media platform to its fullest potential and garner loyalty among both their existing and prospective customers.

2017's Top Five Marketing Trends

2017’s Top Five Marketing Trends


The rapidly moving or rather advancing epoch of technology is posing a direct impact on consumer behaviour. With a booming exposure towards various channels like social media, e-mail and mobile usage it has become crucial for ratiocinative technologies