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3 applications of computer vision in marketing


Computer vision employs AI and big data to drive various marketing objectives like enhancing programmatic video capabilities, unraveling semantics in social media posts and images. Want to check out how this is done in the real world? Then check out a few use cases to understand the prowess of computer vision for marketing

How Brands Can Benefit From Digital Sales Transformation


Whether you buy an everyday essential or medical equipment, digitised sales processes have completely transformed the way you plan your purchase. Quite naturally, sales officials, marketers, and product developers have to stay abreast of these emerging technologies. Before we dive deep into the nuances, let’s track the significant changes in this regard!

Local SEO Tips for 2017


Though many webmasters find it difficult to implement local SEO, a good understanding of Google’s directives and adherence to fair practices can help you considerably in rolling out your local SEO campaign.