Instagram Upgrades Its Features with an option to Share Other People’s Stories & More

For quite a while, there has been a competition to be the top social media app among the major players. Instagram looks forward to acquiring that top position. For strengthening its impact profoundly among social media fanatics, the Facebook-owned app has added some new features to its directory, including a feature to share other people’s Stories posts.

Voice search in retail: How it will impact customer experiences in the future?

Voice technology has come a long way and today is used by many for the ease of access and portability it offers. It provides a way for consumers to search for what they want instantly. The increase in adoption of voice technology is sure to provide a better interface and also help companies better their customer experience. Here are some ways voice search will evolve customer experience in the future.

3 AdWords features you’re probably underutilising

Millions of businesses have used AdWords, and continue using them today, to gain as much exposure as possible on the most significant search engine platform today. AdWords gives companies the freedom to manage their ad campaigns themselves and provide their own preferences for the ads. Here are some AdWords features that you should utilise to get the best out of your investment.

Salesforce and Google Join Hands to Make Customer Insights Better

Salesforce has recently announced their partnership with Google, and the plan was to integrate Salesforce data with Google Analytics 360 and G Suite. With this partnership between Google and Salesforce, companies will now be able to connect sales, marketing and advertising using Salesforce cloud and Google Analytics 360. This also means that you can connect Salesforce with your G-suite to enhance your customer reach and boost sales.