iPaaS – All the you need to know about it

iPaaS provides a single platform for data integration, which allows to eliminate the need of huge manpower or specialised software to do manual data entry. Earlier cloud design models a single instance of a running software application, but with software multitenancy, a single instance can use resource sharing. Here’s all the details you need to know about this technology.

Google Duplex to have built-in disclosure about its ‘Bot’ status

Google’s recent update created quite a stir when it unveiled the AI based Duplex system at the I/O Conference 2018. The system can actually make phone calls in a human voice for tasks like booking a movie ticket or booking a restaurant table. Instead of the reactive chatbot conversation utilised in customer support functions, the Duplex is designed to be more proactive voice assistant to the users.

Use Facebook’s Machine Learning For Ad Campaigns The Right Way

Irrespective of the recent data usage scandals engulfing the social media giant Facebook, the fact remains that it sits on a vast treasure trove of user data that simply needs to be harnessed by smart marketers. And what better way to do that than the social media platform’s in-house machine learning algorithms? Here’s how you can run effective facebook ad campaigns with machine learning.

How can brands use the new Pinterest profile design update to their best advantage

Recently, Pinterest has upgraded profile pages for clients and brands by displaying their best pins as a header picture. While this gives a cleaner client encounter over the stage and profile page itself, there’s additionally a simple method to make use of this update. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Pinterest profile eye-catching and compelling.

Google To Make Phrase-Free Service Ads Possible For Local Businesses

Google has made a few updates to the Adwords campaigns to favour local businesses on the basis of their verified locations instead of using targeted search queries. Some businesses have reported seeing a “Local Search Ads Experiment Campaign” link – a sign of Google’s emphasis on local businesses without the need for the traditional phrase based AdWords.